Conferences Organized by Frances Carlisle for the New York City Bar Association

Global Warming Conference-The Animal Connection, September 29, 2007
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I started planning this conference in 2006 before global warming was such a big issue in this country.  I felt that even Al Gore had neglected the connection between global warming and livestock. Research by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has determined that the raising of livestock generates 18% of greenhouse-gases worldwide, more than cars and all other forms of transportation combined.  This percentage will only increase as demand for a meat-based diet increases in countries such as China and India.  The effect of global warming on animal species will be devastating.  Noted biologist Edward O. Wilson estimates that we may lose up to 50% of animal species by the middle of the century, if steps are not taken soon to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.  But there are creative solutions to slow down or stop global warming.  Many of these solutions will require changes in the way we eat, live and do business.

Legal Issues Related to the Protection of the Horse, September 28, 2002
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I rescued two Belgian draft horses in 2002 who were aging Amish plow horses and were going to be sold for slaughter.  They are delightful gentle giants.  I planned this conference to address the following issues related to horse protection:
Wild Horse Issues - (management by federal government, overpopulation issues)
Horse Racing - (Abuses, such as racing of 2 year olds, drugs and injuries, claiming races)
Work Horses/Anti-Cruelty Laws  - (horses used on farms/ carriage horses)
Horses used to produce Premarin - (cruelty, drug industry profits, alternatives exist)
Horses used for Food - (auctions, slaughter)
Transport of Horses - (Double-decker cattle trucks used to transport horses to slaughter)

How to Form and Fund a New York Not-For-Profit Corporation, January 18, 2000
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I organized this program to give practical advice to those who want to set up a charitable corporation and to get tax-exempt status for the corporation.  The program also gave advice on charitable fundraising.

How Much is That Doggie in the Window?  Puppy Mills---the Grim Reality, May 4, 1999
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Most pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills, where the care ranges from substandard to cruel.  Many of the puppies are so sickly that they die while being transported to the pet store.  I organized this program to alert the public about conditions in puppy mills and to urge them to adopt animals from shelters instead of pet stores.

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