Frances Carlisle Interviewed and Quoted in following Newspaper and Magazine Articles

"Lifestyles Of The Pets Of The Rich And Famous", August 29, 2007

"Trust-Fund Pets" New York Post, June 25, 2007

"Six-Figure Bequest is New Must-Have for Pampered Pooches and Kittens" New York Sun, May 16, 2006

"Public Gets its Paws on Legal Advice about Pets", Newsday, April 3, 2006

"New Breed of Lawyer Gives Every Dog his Day in Court" New York Times,
September 3, 2006

"Djurtidningen Pets" Finish Pet Magazine, April 29, 2005

"It's Still a Dog's Life" New York Times, April 3, 2005

"Fluffy's big Pay Day" Registered Rep, March 1, 2005

"Five Questions re Pet Trusts", March 1, 2005

"Going to the Dogs" Wealth Management Letter, February 2, 2005

"Dog's Best Friend"

"Rest Assured - Pet Care for Animals" Animals, June 22, 2001

"Who Will Care for my Cat" Cat Fancy, April 1995

"Animal Activists: City is Inhumane" Our Town, January 12 1995

"Pet Care After Your Are Gone--Is Your Dog or Cat Provided for if Anything Happens to You?" Newsday 1994

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